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Packages View

On this view, we can check what packages we have installed in our DAppNodes. You can check some general parameters and do the next actions on this page:

  • STATUS: indicate the state of the package, they can be 3: Running, Crashed and Stopped. Running mean is turned on. Crashed means the package has suffered some error and it's stopped. Stopped means the container has been stopped by the user.
  • Name: it's the name of the package.
  • Link to de package view: click on it to go to the package view in case you want to check some parameter or set up something related to the package.
  • Restart package: restart all the package, it means all the containers of the package are restarted.

My packages

My packages refers to the packages the user have installed and they are not essential for the performance of DAppNode.

System packages

They are the packages that are essential for DAppNode or including a feature that is so important for DAppNode.