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Welcome to the DAppNode Documentation

On this documentation, you will be able to know DAppNode from 0. To understand what the project consists of, why is it necessary to how to install your DAppNode and start this experience of fighting for decentralization.

This documentation has 4 types of content depending on what you want to do:

  • Get Started : you can find what you need to run a DAppNode, hardware recommendations or how to get DAppNode hardware. Furthermore, the installation process for a different kind of hardware.
  • User Guide: this content is for Dappnode User, you can find the first steps you should follow after installing DAppNode, an explanation of every page of the interface, how to ask for support, troubleshooting and faqs.
  • Developers: if you are interested in how to build a package for DAppNode, this section has information on how to do it. We will update more guides and tutorials in the future!
  • Learn: Whether you are a technical or non-technical user, this section is for everybody who wants to know some aspects of how DAppNode works and some of its technologies. In this way, people can understand some circumstances that happen in his DAppNode. For example, IPFS propagation, VPN, what is there behind the interface, etc.